Pumpkin snacks have gained popularity in recent years due to their nutritional value and delicious taste. This research article focuses on the renowned company, Kaida Hengye, and its contribution to healthy pumpkin snacks in Brunei. By examining their self-owned brand, French fries, VF potato chips, as well as their automated factory, this study aims to shed light on the production process and benefits of these nutritious snacks.

Kaida Hengye’s Self-Owned Brand

Kaida Hengye has established itself as a prominent player in the snack industry since its inception in 2000. Located in Beijing, China, with approximately 900 employees and an annual output value of USD 680 million, Kaida specializes in producing high-quality VF potato chips along with fruits and vegetables crisps. Their commitment to providing healthy options is evident through their self-owned brand.

French Fries: Retaining Original Flavor

In order to retain the original flavor of ingredients to the greatest extent possible, fresh raw materials are directly cut into strips and slices without using composite materials for Kaida’s French fries production. This technique ensures that consumers can enjoy the authentic taste while indulging in a healthier snack option.

VF Potato Chips: Preserving Nutrition Through Low Temperature Vacuum Frying Technology

Kaida strictly selects healthy and natural raw materials for their VF potato chips. The key factor behind preserving nutrition lies within their low temperature vacuum frying technology. By maintaining temperatures between 90 – 115℃ during processing, they ensure that essential nutrients remain intact while enhancing flavors.

The Automated Factory: Advancing Production Techniques

Kaida’s automated factory plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and consistency of their healthy pumpkin snacks. With advanced low temperature vacuum frying technology, they are able to preserve the original nutrition and taste of vegetables while efficiently meeting consumer demands.


In conclusion, Kaida Hengye‘s dedication to producing healthy pumpkin snacks in Brunei is evident through their self-owned brand, French fries, VF potato chips, and automated factory. By utilizing innovative techniques such as low temperature vacuum frying technology, they successfully retain the nutritional value and delicious taste of these snacks. As consumers increasingly prioritize healthier options, Kaida Hengye continues to contribute significantly to the promotion of nutritious snacking choices.

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